Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NFLN documentary on 1971 Dolphins-Chiefs playoff game

NFL Network will be replaying its 40th anniversary special titled "The Longest Game Ever Played" which covers the 12/25/1971 Dolphins-Chiefs double OT AFC playoff game. This was the first time that the NFL ever scheduled games on Christmas Day. That decision generated a fair amount of controversy at the time and the NFL wouldn't do so again for 18 years.

I recorded this show when NFLN first aired it in December and found it quite interesting. The documentary includes a lot of unique NFL Films footage and features modern interviews with many of the participants looking back on the game. The special also contains some original NBC video footage of the second OT period, but that footage was accompanied by radio clips, not the NBC TV audio. This aspect was disappointing especially since Don Banks on si.com had previewed this show and claimed that it would contain some original Curt Gowdy audio.

Here is the replay schedule: 
  • Tue 2/7 at 11:59 pm
  • Wed 2/8 at 5 pm

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  1. i wonder if NBC stations got mad about losing their time because of this game?