Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 - Classic Sports TV and Media blog

I started the Classic Sports TV and Media blog on 12/30/2011, so yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of this site. For the benefit of newer readers, I decided to summarize some highlights from the first year of the blog. So here are my choices for the top 12 entries from this blog in 2012 (in chronological order of posting):
  1. recalling the day in 1982 when CBS pulled an analyst out of the stands to call an NCAA tournament game (with video)
  2. analyzing the myth about 3 consecutive buzzer beaters during the first weekend of the 1981 NCAA tournament
  3. a detailed three-part series on the history of the TV coverage of the NCAA tournament from 1969-present
  4. looking back at the Rick Barry "watermelon grin" comment during the 1981 NBA Finals (with video)
  5. remembering the classic New York Mets broadcast team of Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy, and Ralph Kiner (with video)
  6. a complete history of US TV coverage of the Ryder Cup from 1959-present
  7. a summary of how ABC and Keith Jackson handled conflicts between the baseball playoffs and college football
  8. recalling the magic of the ABC Monday Night Football Halftime Highlights narrated by Howard Cosell (with video)
  9. exploring the baffling myth about 1969 Alabama - Ole Miss being the first prime time college football regular season telecast
  10. introducing the first pairing of Pat Summerall and John Madden in 1979 (with video)
  11. providing a look at the first ESPN college basketball telecast in 1979 which was also the TV debut of Dick Vitale (with video)
  12. documenting the first game that Dick Enberg and Billy Packer called together in 1974
Thanks for reading and following. I have more content planned for 2013.

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