Monday, January 28, 2013

The infamous Tom Brookshier "Evidently" interview after Super Bowl 6

Here is a clip of the postgame interviews conducted by Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier from the CBS telecast of Super Bowl 6 on 1/16/1972 after the Cowboys defeated the Dolphins 24-3.

This postgame show is best remembered for the extremely awkward interview that Brookshier conducted with Cowboys running back Duane Thomas who had not been talking to the media. The exchange starts at the 6:59 mark. After some rambling, Brookshier asked a rather inane question and Thomas uttered the classic one-word response of "Evidently". After a round of laughter, the clearly nervous Brookshier then redirected a different form of the question to Jim Brown before coming back to ask Thomas another question. Eventually Brown stepped in to speak on behalf of Thomas and essentially brought the interview to a conclusion. The entire sequence was quite bizarre and it haunted Brookshier for years.

The televised locker room interview scene looks quite amateurish compared to what one would see today. During the interviews, you can see many other media members milling around in close proximity. Multiple times you can see someone obstructing the camera shot of the interview. And Thomas and Brown both exit and walk right in front of Brookshier while he is still speaking. It was also interesting to hear both Summerall and Brookshier refer to the location as the "dressing room".

The 9:47 mark of the video has the original footage of the Ray Scott call of the touchdown run by Thomas. Scott and Summerall were the announcers on the CBS telecast.


  1. Interesting! Though I remember Brookshier well, I didn't recall this interview.

  2. The "Evidently" story is so rich, you're almost afraid it's an urban legend, that maybe you never saw it for yourself. Good thing we've got the video evidence!

    1. Thanks to both of you for the comments. While researching this incident, I came across an article or book which incorrectly stated that there was a long pause before Thomas said "Evidently" and another one which claimed there was stunned silence immediately after that reply. As Mitchell said, the proof is in the video footage.

  3. I....didn't think it was that bad.

  4. Thomas was a heck a athlete, he beat out Calvin Hill and lead the Cowboys.
    My high school coach from Calif played with Duane in college; West Texas State.
    Shaved his head at start of every season. He made a protest for more money in an unusual way-
    wont speak to the press or team. Was a real talent.

  5. Great est brodcastin pair ever as I re call Pat& Tom now days have 5 x coaches x players with no CARISMA and jokers channel 4 NBC night football comes close to be like Tom and Pat good bless you guysfor d good times and broadcasts