Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 highlights - Classic TV Sports blog

Today marks the 2-year anniversary of this blog. For the benefit of newer readers, here is a summary of blog highlights from the past year (in chronological order):
  1. remembering the 1973 ACC Super Sunday college basketball telecast which launched Billy Packer on the national scene
  2. a retrospective on the iconic 1968 UCLA Houston basketball game called by Dick Enberg
  3. recalling the infamous Tom Brookshier "Evidently" interview during postgame of Super Bowl 6
  4. a look back at the 1975 ABC variety show hosted by Howard Cosell
  5. debunking a false claim made by an NBC press release regarding Olympic TV coverage
  6. documenting the history of #1 analyst demotions by TV networks
  7. complete TV coverage history of the Masters (1956-present)
  8. reviewing the late night and tape delay NBA playoff era on CBS
  9. complete TV coverage history of US Open golf (1954-present) - plus similar listings for the British Open on US TV (1962-present) and the PGA Championship (1958-present)
  10. revisiting the Howard Cosell guest appearances on the ABC sitcom The Odd Couple
  11. going inside the pages of a 1976 PRO! NFL game program
  12. chronicling the history of daytime major network sports telecasts on weekdays
  13. a collection of firsts and lasts from the NFL TV career of Pat Summerall
  14. summarizing consecutive season streaks for network TV announcers and the record held by Don Criqui
For even more, see the best posts from the debut year 2012.

Thanks for your interest in the blog and check back for more in 2014.

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