Sunday, January 17, 2016

Some thoughts on the NFLN "re-broadcast" of Super Bowl 1

I found the NFL Network special on Super Bowl 1 to be an enormous letdown. A few quick observations:

NFLN hyped this show as a "re-broadcast" which was a grossly misleading characterization. The term "re-broadcast" means to repeat the broadcast of a program. But this was nothing of the sort. The presentation had only a few clips from the original telecast and was primarily footage from NFL Films. While the show did contain original radio clips, a large percentage of that audio was drowned out by the cast on the NFLN set.

<UPDATE 1/18/2016 - NFL Network now plans to re-air the Super Bowl 1 assembled footage, but this time with the original uninterrupted radio audio on Friday 1/22 at 8pm ET.>

The most positive aspect of the show was the inclusion of the original CBS footage of Ray Scott doing some pregame player introductions and Pat Summerall conducting a postgame interview. But the NFLN program didn't mention that these were original CBS TV clips, never identified Scott, and had the studio crew talking over parts of the Scott footage.

The seemingly constant banter from the studio panel ran concurrent with a dampened version of the radio audio in the background. This setup was extremely distracting and seemed disrespectful to radio play-by-play announcer Jim Simpson. With a 3-hour show, NFLN could have easily utilized its commentators between segments of game footage.

I cannot imagine that either Ed Sabol or Steve Sabol would have been pleased with this NFLN presentation.

During the show, host Chris Rose discussed the fact that neither CBS nor NBC saved a copy of its original telecast. But that segment completely ignored the fact that a tape containing most of the CBS telecast was discovered in 2005 and restored by the Paley Center. That tape even contains original commercials (which one of the panelists expressed an interest in seeing).

Not surprisingly, the reaction from viewers was overwhelmingly negative. I don't recall seeing a single positive tweet about this show either during or after it aired. I honestly don't know what NFLN was thinking with this production or how anyone in charge at the network could have expected praise for it.

Prior to the airing, an NFLN producer amazingly uttered the following quote in a New York Times preview story:
We’ll make sure we don’t ruin anything with the chatter,” Larone said. “If we have the right people together, it will be like a viewing party.”
The first half of that quote is a complete insult to everyone who viewed this disappointing special. NFL Network spoiled the party.


  1. I am glad I didn't see it, not being a subscriber of PayTV. What will it take to get the Paley Center tape shown?

  2. It was so bad, i couldnt watch more than 10 minutes of it.

    1. I heard a lot of similar comments. It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction the updated re-airing receives.

    2. I recorded it, but thankfully I read the reactions prior to having a chance to watch it, so I just deleted it. I, too, will be interested to see what this Friday's update will be like.

  3. Commentary by people that werent conceived yet. Mean to tell me they coundnt find anyone but Marriucci over 55 years old who actually watched it live.

  4. I made it until the first score then bailed. Could not stand having the panel talking over the game. Should have showed a series then stopped for comments at the very least.

  5. Indeed the NFL Network ruined everybody's parade.